Honda Buyer San Antonio

Bob buys Hondas in San Antonio and pays cash for them. If you have a running, wrecked, or Junk Honda and want to sell it for top cash today then give us a call at (830) 216-6645 we have Honda buyers standing by to give you a price quote on your car.


How to sell my Honda in San Antonio

It is really easy to sell your running, wrecked, or junk Honda.

  • Give us a call at (830) 216-6645 and our Honda Buyer will greet you
  • Our Honda buyer will ask you a few questions so bare with us we have a few things we need to know about the vehicle to give you and accurate price.
  • After we have enough information on your Honda we will give you a hassle free price quote.
  • Once you accept our price quote we will schedule an appointment for our junk car buyer to come tow away your Honda and PAY YOU CASH ON THE SPOT.

We buy all the different Hondas

We buy Hondas in any shape or size we don’t discriminate they all end up in junk car heaven at the end of the day when their timing stops ticking and their oil stops pumping. Sell your junk Honda in San Antonio today and take advantage of record high prices for junk cars. Bob pays Cash for Junk Cars in San Antonio and anywhere else within 50 miles.

Some of the Models that We Buy are Honda Element, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda Pilot, Honda Del Sol

Local Honda Dealers in San Antonio

Fernandez Honda
8015 Interstate 35 Access Rd
(210) 928-1500
Hill Country Honda
7338 W Loop 1604 N (210) 852-2720
Northside Honda
9100 San Pedro Ave 
(210) 944-1065
Gunn Honda
14610 I-10 W
(210) 775-1663
Fernandez Honda Service Center
8015 Interstate 35 Access Rd (210) 253-8500

What do we do with your Honda?

We buy your unwanted Honda for many reason. The biggest reason is to sell it for junk. If you have a Running or Newer Wrecked Honda we will a lot of times sell it for parts or fix it and resell it. It really just depends whats wrong with your Honda, How old it is, how many miles it has, and what its over all condition is. There really isn’t one set thing we do with the vehicle because we are versatile in all the different ways you can dispose of and recycle a vehicle. If you have a 20 year old Honda Accord with a bad engine most likely were just going to crush it and send it to scrap metal. If you have a 5 year old Honda Accord then chances are we will sell the parts to maximize profit or fix it and resell it on our Car Lot. That is how we can pay so much cash for Junk Honda because we have the resources and options to dispose of your vehicle in a way to maximize its value.

Bobs Junk Car Removal

Address: 6919 Luckey Path, San Antonio, TX 78252

Phone: (830) 216-6645