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Cash for Junk Cars Hondo

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We’re available in Hondo, Texas

A Simple 3 Steps Process

Call Us at +1 (830) 216-6645

and answer a few questions about your Vehicle

We will offer you a hassle-free Price Quote

After acceptance of the offer, we will schedule an appointment to pay you and tow the vehicle away

Cash for Junk Cars Hondo

Sell your Car for Cash in Hondo and nearby towns using the fastest and easiest method possible, and that is through Bob’s Junk Car Removal. Bob pays the most cash for junk cars in any condition running, wrecked, or junk. He doesn’t care if your vehicle is running or not because he provides free towing for all junk cars he purchases. If you want to turn your old junk car into cash, don’t wait to call us today or fill out the form on our website and get a hassle-free price quote.

We pay cash for Junk Trucks and Vans too

Bob’s Junk Car Removal pays cash for trucks and vans too! Yes, that is right, he doesn’t only buy junk cars but also buys junk trucks and vans. He will probably buy it if it’s labelled an automobile and has an Engine, Transmission, and four wheels.

Now is the perfect time to call Bob

Bob doesn’t low ball you on your junk car because he knows what your vehicle is worth and has trained all of his Junk Car Buyers on how to tell what your car is worth just by asking you a few questions. If you are ready to turn your rust bucket yard ornament into some cold hard cash, then now is the perfect time to Call Bob and get rid of your junk car.

Questions FOR BOB?

Bob’s Junk Car Removal is a Junk car buyer who pays top cash for junk cars, trucks, and vans anywhere in Bexar County & San Antonio Texas. We we offer hassle free price quotes by calling us 24/7 at (830) 216-6645‚Äč or fill out the form on the Sell Your Car Page.

Yes you need a title or proof of ownership to sell your vehicle.

It really depends on the Year, Make, Models, and over all Condition of your vehicle to determine what your automobile is worth. We pay cash for junk cars, trucks and vans in any condition obvisouly a newer Toyta Prius is worth more then a Older Toyota Corolla so there is variables that we consider when pricing. The best bet if you want to know exactly what your car is worth would be to fill out our online form or give us a call today and one of our Junk Car Buying Specialists will give you an accurate price quote.

We have no hidden fees and towing is always free.

Bob buys Junks cars anywhere in San Antonio & Bexar County.

BJCR has someone available 24/7

Working graveyard? That’s fine because we have someone available 24 hours a day to give you a price quote on your junk car.

Bobs Junk Car Removal

Address: 6919 Luckey Path, San Antonio, TX 78252

Phone: (830) 216-6645